Metalenema began in 1994 on KVRX FM Radio in Austin, Texas. Hosted by The Undertaker and Agapornis Epicac, it was the only radio show broadcast from The University of Texas that received press coverage in The Daily Texan, Austin Chronicle, and The Austin American-Statesman.

The focus of the show is Black and Death Metal spanning the 80s, 90s, and the new millennium, as well as some good old timeworn Speed and Thrash Metal for good measure. While the music is always serious, your intrepid hosts are rarely anything but irreverent, ridiculous, and occasionally patently offensive in their quest to promote the long-lost lighter side of an art form they hold so dear.

Starting in 2010, Metalenema found a new home on HD radio via 101X in Austin, Texas. In 2012, Agapornis Epicac retired and DJ NT Khrist joined as permanent co-host. Now in 2016, DJ Slitskrieg has joined the show as the newest co-host as the show has gone exclusive with its podcast (that means we can start swearing again!).

You can hear new episodes every Wednesday (usually, unless we're busy or something), now officially known as Weaponized Wednesday! Mark your calendars!

Turn on, tune in, fuck off!!!!

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